David He

About me

I'm a 21-year-old student leader passionate about public policy and consulting.Having advised government and UN staff since 2021, I'm always open to collaboration and building bridges.Featured on: NYT, Nasdaq, and more.


A graduate of Pearson College UWC, I spent two enriching years living among students from over 150 nationalities.Today, I'm studying Economics & Sociology at Bates College, a private liberal arts school in the United States.


  • Policy Negotiator at G20 India

  • One of the first UN Human Rights Youth Advisors

  • Invited to speak at the United Nations alongside the Secretary-General

  • Delivered a workshop for the U.S. State Department on advocacy


Beyond my work, I explore music around the world as an avid DJ and soar new heights as a student pilot.

Personal website. Views and options expressed on my pages do not reflect the official opinions of the organizations I am involved with.